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International shipping laws

International shipping laws

International shipping laws
The international shipping industry has common rules that countries in some cases require to comply with a number of general and other laws in particular. The most important of these are:

Customs rules:
Refers to the customs laws of the country that are in force within that country.

International Business Terms (Incoterms)
Reference to a set of official rules of the Chamber of Commerce used to interpret business terms.

TIR Convention

Refers to a set of international laws (between states) that vehicles of the States Parties to this Convention are not inspected at the borders of the States except in suspicious circumstances.


CMR Convention

A set of rules that govern the relationship between the carrier, the sender, and the receiver.

Dangerous Goods Convention (ADR)
It refers to a set of transport laws that are used to integrate and coordinate the transport of dangerous goods across the European continent.

Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) Business Transit Agreement
It is a set of trade laws between the eight ECO member states.

Harter’s Law
It is a set of maritime laws used to prevent the use of shipowners and marine carriers.

The Hague Convention or the Hick
Applies to a set of laws to integrate and integrate maritime law around the world.

Wesby Convention
The term is referred to as the Wesby Convention Framework Law.

The Wesby Hague Convention
The terms of the field laws are those used to ship containers.

The Hamburg Convention
The laws are amended by the Hague-Wiesbad Convention.

York Antwerp Convention
Laws are said to throw some of the goods into the sea in order to save the ship’s merchandise at the discretion of the ship’s captain.

International Civil Aviation Convention (Chicago)
There are laws between states in which each State Party to this Convention recognizes the absolute sovereignty of each State Party with regard to its airspace.
Convention (Warsaw)
A set of rules that are used to harmonize aviation regulations.
Tokyo Convention
Refers to the set of laws on the aircraft and the acts of the aircraft.

International CIM Protocol
The set of rules governing the carriage of goods by rail.

Rules and Regulations for the Transport of Hazardous Materials
In Iran, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted Decree 45, dated 12/27/1380, which is a matter with the relevant annexes for road transport under the ADR Global Compact.
The five main axes of these regulations are as follows:
1. Identification and classification of goods
2- Safety labels and signs
3. Duties and Responsibilities of the Persons and Units Affected (Owner, Consignor, Personnel Management Unit Personnel, etc.)
4. Documentation and documentation of the transport of dangerous goods
5. Guide emergency measures for emergencies and emergencies

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